50 - 75gms loose leaf tea


Designed by a naturpath. Crafted, blended & packed in Australia. Fairly traded and organic ingredients. 




Fertility tea (caffeine free) - Earthy and subtly sweet. Designed to assist in natural contraception potential by providing support in balancing hormones and regulating the menstral cycle. Tradtionally red clover, chaste tree and raspberry leaf have been used. 

Caution: This blend is not recommended for women with hypertension, on IVF treatment or with elevated prolactin levels. 


Pregnancy tea (caffeine free) - Carefully selected organic herbs including lemon balm, nette leaf and chammomile to provide support during the second and third trimesters. These herbs have traditionally been used to support digestive function & nourish the nerous system. This blend offers a delicate floral flavour with hints of ginger and mint. 


Breastfeeding tea (caffeine free) - Fennel, fenugreek and caraway seeds thoughtfully selected to help maintain healthy breast milk supply. This gentle blend may also ease digestion for both mother and babe. Soothing blend with hints of lemon, fennel and aniseed. 


Raspberry leaf tea (caffeine free) - Designed to assist mothers in preparing for birth in the third trimester. Traditionally used to strengthen and tone the uterus for birthing. Offers an earthy and gentle flavour. Can also be used post partum for promotion of healthy recovery. 

organic loose leaf tea